Recommended Sources of News

The following sources of news are recommended because they do not depend on corporate advertising for their existence, (and as a result are relatively free of that influence), or are from foreign countries that require greater accuracy in reporting than in the United States (or simply do not share the same interests in desired “spin”).

Domestic Sources

  1. The Real News
  2. Truth Out  (Perhaps of more interest to liberals but free of corporate influence.)

Foreign Papers

  1. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
  2. British Broadcasting Company (BBC)
  3. Spiegel
  4. The Guardian (British)
  5. Al Jazeera
  6. Le Monde (French translated to English)
  7. Russia Today  (Coming under increasing attack for bias as shows.)

Agencies Reporting Facts and Statistics of Interest

  1. Economic Policy Institute
  2. PEW Reports
  3. (From the Pulitzer Prize winner Tampa Bay Times)
  4. Common Cause (Although Common Cause has a definitely liberal spin, it’s research arm does report findings that are informative and free of bias.)

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