Why the Rich are Subsidized



Summary of 14th Amendment Argument about Debt Ceiling


A great article on what went wrong with our economy

Insightful and accurate


Understanding Supreme Court Decisions

This is a good site to check for information about Supreme Court Decisions.http://www.scotusblog.com/2012/06/todays-health-care-decision-in-plain-english/

Useful explanation of why spending cuts and austerity won’t work now

As usual, Robert Reich says it in plain English.

A Question of Timing: What America Can Learn from the Revolt in Europe

Why Michigan Taxes Burden the Middle-Class and Poor

This article, although opinionated, outlines fairly well how the recent changes in Michigan taxes simply shift the burden of paying for government to the middle class and poor while allowing huges accumulations of wealth for a few elite business people.


Great summaries of “Obamacare”

With all the lies circulating about “Obamacare”, I thought you might enjoy some pretty factual explanations.

Summary of the New Health Reform Law   from the Kaiser Foundation

Health Reform and Medicare:  Overview of Key Provisions from Kaiseredu.or   (best for those of us whose brains can’t take all those complexities but do require FACTS)