Court Challenge to NDAA

A court has indicated that the indefinite detention portions of the NDAA cannot be upheld.

This article is worth a read.


Great Summary of Lawsuit against Michigan’s EFM Law

The following provides a summary of Brown v Snyder which is challenging the EFM law.

The Current Administration and Our Freedoms

The following article does a pretty good job of summarizing actions taken by the present administration that have taken away freedoms many of us have taken for granted.

While many people will support this President’s position concerning the efforts to improve the economic conditions faced by members of the middle-class, this may end up diverting our attention from these key issues. And, this man certainly does not work alone or with his party. There are many members of the Republican party pushing this agenda. And, there are those that oppose it (although very few) found in both parties.

The key issues (as included in the artcle How Team Obama, the GOP, and Tea Partiers Are All Intruding on Your Rights are as follows.

  1. National Defense Authorization Act of 2012
  2. Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide of FBI
  3. Patriot Act Reforms
  4. Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Program
  5. Homeland Security and Droids

Great Summary of Protect IP/SOPA Laws

A wonderful summary.

You decide if the real reason behind these laws is to “protect”.

Russia Today Criticized for Biased Reporting

Every now and then I find something on “Russia Today” of interest.   But, as the following clip from indicates, the news is controlled by the government and as a result shows a liberal bias towards criticizing the United States and reporting very little negative about Russia.

President Obama Joins Congress in NDAA

President Obama failed to veto the NDAA that allows indefinite detention of American citizens suspected of terrorism under criteria that does not seem to be made public.

Check out the ABC Article,  With Reservations Obama Signs Act to Allow Detention of Citizens

SOPA Vote Delayed on Internet Piracy

In what was described as a “minor delay”, the vote on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) was delayed until Wednesday, December 21st.

What is important to note is that the concerns of those who oppose the measure were actually considered.    This might have been due to the mass mailings and other efforts.  (We will never really know.)   Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Google and Facebook oppose the legislation.

Check out the explanation at CBS