About News2Note

News2Note is a collection of information of interest to citizens of the United States concerning the operations of their government.  The focus is on information not necessarily disclosed or emphasized in the Mainstream Media but available through the Internet from foreign papers, non-profit organizations dedicated to fact and information gathering, as well as social networks.    We trust in the integrity and intelligence of our readers to use this information to work towards the formation of a democracy that serves all citizens and is the envy of the citizens of the world.  We understand that a democracy is not a consensus of opinion.   But, it should be a place where all citizens have access to the information they need to form reasoned opinions and we will respect those opinions because they are based on information and reason despite the fact we may not share them.

Should you have information you wish to point out to us in order to be shared on this site, please submit through our contact form.

If you believe something we have shared is “FACTUALLY” incorrect, then please bring it to our attention using that same form.

We do not believe that facts or information belong to any political party and have found that BOTH parties have members of integrity who are dedicated to sharing truth and reason and BOTH parties have members who are less than straightforward.   While this site may report on the activities of politicians and political parties, its purpose is NOT to advocate one party over the other.   We believe in the intelligence of our readers to make their own decisions about which party or candidate to support based on facts and reason.