Reducing the Size of Government

Most all of us are upset with our government.   Many people believe that the problem lies with the size of government and how it intrudes on our lives and the costs incurred that have led to a deficit most of us are unhappy about.

But, somehow what seems to get lost in the discussion is a thorough examination of the programs that the government spends on, who these programs benefit, and the source of the revenues that we collect to support them.

Specifically, there are three areas that need to be examined.

1.   What government programs incur the most cost and what do these programs deliver that benefits the average American citizen?   What are the sources of revenues collected to support these programs?

2.   What government regulations should be eliminated?   Which regulations interfere with business operating in a free market where there is costructive competition so that business can provide jobs that pay meaningful wages to the average American citizen? Which regulations have the effect of funneling cash and other resources to particular industries to support accumulations of wealth and impede competition?

3.   What taxes are being collected?   Which citizens are subject to these taxes and which citizens are not?  After all the exemptions and loopholes are taken into account, on the average what are the wealthiest citizens paying in taxes?   What do middle-class citizens pay?   What do the poor pay?   What affect have tax rates had, if any effect, on distribution of wealth and what effect has this had, (if any) on the average American’s standard of living?

The purpose of this category will be to provide information and facts that allow us to make that examination.


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