About ALEC

ALEC is a coordinated effort to see that legislation that supports the interests of sponsoring corporations is enacted at both the federal and state levels.  Many argue this legislation has allowed the transfer of wealth from middle class workers to large corporations that dominate the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, insurance and financial industries.   These industries operate as a funnel for money to those few individuals who control these industries.

  1. To learn about ALEC, the following article is most helpful prepared by the American Association for Justice, Report Lifts Veil on ALEC’s Pro-Corporate, Anti-Consumer Mission
  2. The Common Cause research department examines ALEC in its report Legislating Under the Influence:  Money, Power, and the American Legislative Exchange Council
  3. To obtain facts and information about ALEC, the ALEC Exposed web site is useful.
  4. A recent report by the Voter’s Legislative Transparency Project (VLTP) entitled American Legislative Exchange Council – – Federal Government and Corrupt Practices gives one of the most comprehensive analyses about ALEC and how it works.   Unfortunately, the analysis is complex and understanding its implications is demanding.   This is what ALEC hopes.   You can download a copy of the entire report.   I am also attempting to summarize its provisions as follows
    • An overview of ALEC (Read the Preface and Introduction)
    • An example of how ALEC Works (Read the section entitled Federal Laws Enacted by ALEC‘s Federal Forum Task Force)
    • more to come……

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