The Playbook

Privatization (and much of the ALEC sponsored legislation)  is about forcing all of our basic human needs, goods, and services into the hands of a few corporate- owned interests where they can be controlled. For example, in the agricultural industry, one corporate giant is Monsanto.  In energy it’s the fracking companies such as BP, Halliburton, and Exxon. In the water industry it’s Nestle, RWE/American Water, and Coca Cola. (Note: These are just a few examples! I could name other companies. I could reference other industries. This is merely a sampling to drive home a point.) And in education our corporate parasites include Pearson, Bill Gates, and hedge fund-owned charter schools (to name but a few).

What steps do they use to force the masses into a dependent relationship?

1.   Make up a story to create a crisis.   Example, we have a gas crisis.

2.  Spin a story to solve that crisis that promotes their own agenda through the mainstream media.  Drown out the truth with your own message.  And, if that doesn’t work, just lie.   Example, the solution is to frack.

3.  Offer what you are selling as the ONLY solution.   When needed, pay for studies that prove that you have the solution and that alternatives do not. Example, pay for studies that show fracking to be the only way to solve the United State’s energy crisis and then enact laws and regulations, at both the federal and local levels, that make fracking appear to be the only possible solution.  Pay for studies to show that solar power and wind will not.

4.  When caught, deny the facts and any responsibility you may have.  Example, when fracking destroys wells, deny you did anything.  And then repeat steps 1 through 3 with even greater intensity, especially by enacting even more oppressive laws and paying off politicians.

Now, this article kind of nails the 4 steps I have listed.

However, I think its most important point is made in the first paragraph.

Privatization is all about oppressing (call it enslaving even) the masses.   It is about taking their wealth by enacting laws that empower the people who control corporations to dominate the masses.   These laws cover the means of basic survival for humans such as food, medical care, energy, education, etc.

This effort can be attributed to one of two things.

It is the work of  a small group of elites who feel there is no other solution to the challenge that our world is fast becoming over-populated.

Or, it is the work of a few elite, corporate, psychopaths that feel absolutely nothing for other humans.

Take your pick.