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From BATS MIssion Statement 07/27


Founders: Priscilla Sanstead, Dr. Mark Naison, Marla Kilfoye

Our mission: Badass Teachers Association was created to give voice to every teacher who refuses to be blamed for the failure of our society to erase poverty and inequality through education. BAT members refuse to accept assessments, tests and evaluations created and imposed by corporate driven entities that have contempt for authentic teaching and learning.

Our goals: BATs aim to reduce or eliminate the use of high stakes testing, increase teacher autonomy in the classroom and work to include teacher and family voices in legislative decision-making processes that affect students.

Group guidelines: We are a rich and diverse group of education professionals and concerned citizens/families. We encourage dialogue about many hot-button issues but page administrators reserve the right to delete comments, threads, and (if necessary) individuals from the group that do not engage in respectful civil discourse. All potential removals are subject to review by group founders. Examples of offensive remarks/comments fall under but are not limited to: homophobic or racist comments, personal agendas (i.e.- seeking to profit off of published books or merchandise), bullying, excessive or inappropriate use of vulgarity, or comments that conflict with the established mission or goals of BAT.  We will delete all comments about the “name” and we will as of 7/26/13 ban any person who comes onto the board in support of corporate deform entities (TFA, StudentsFirst, Pearson, Bill Gates etc.).

Actions: BAT will engage in organized group actions such as phone calls, emails, or letter writing. These actions will be announced as timely as possible so it will allow all members an opportunity to be a part of the action.


There is one article in the media describing BATS by Suzi Parker that describes the organization as

The group is part of an ongoing revolution in education in which teachers, parents, and students are exasperated and exhausted by the Obama administration’s Race to the Top proposals and the testing they require, the Common Core State Standards, and school closings.

The 15,000-plus strong Internet group spent Monday making thousands of calls to the White House switchboard to tell President Barack Obama to replace Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education. Instead, the teachers want a lifetime educator who better understands and empathizes with teachers and parents.

And here is a bit about Suzi….

Koch information (false)

Apparently this is false, at least about the relationship between American Kochs and German Kochs …..

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