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Natural Resource Trust Fund

There is a trust fund formed by the Michigan Constitution that basically requires revenues derived from the sale of natural resources to be used to enhance recreation in Michigan.

The law appears at


The Constitution is at


It contains the following quote.

“The interest and earnings of the trust fund shall be expended for the acquisition of land or rights in land for recreational uses or protection of the land because of its environmental importance or its scenic beauty, for the development of public recreation facilities, and for the administration of the trust fund, which may include payments in lieu of taxes on state owned land purchased through the trust fund. The trust fund may provide grants to units of local government or public authorities which shall be used for the purposes of this section. The legislature shall provide that a portion of the cost of a project funded by such grants be provided by the local unit of government or public authority.”

Interesting Article, references could be more complete.



Not sure the pooling issue is correctly stated.  See MSU extension.


HB 4061 Disclosure of fracking chemicals

Jeff Irwin has introduced House Bill 4061 that would require disclosure.


reform fracking bills

Frack reform Bills were introduced in late 2011 and carried over into 2012

House Bills 5149, 5150 and 5151, introduced in mid-November 2011 as frackingreformbills[

Great article showing devastation to farming


Iraq no bid contracts