What a REAL Business Person is About

The following video says it all.



Court Challenge to NDAA

A court has indicated that the indefinite detention portions of the NDAA cannot be upheld.

This article is worth a read.


Noam Chomsky on Capitalism

A great quote that points out how the “capitalism” promoted in our country is really not capitalism at all.

Useful explanation of why spending cuts and austerity won’t work now

As usual, Robert Reich says it in plain English.

A Question of Timing: What America Can Learn from the Revolt in Europe

A very useful site about fracking

This site is relatively new but a wonderful resource.


Obama’s war record

Although this article is available in the New York Times which is considered a liberal slant by many, it is full of facts that support consideration for the view that Obama indeeds supports war.   And, when examined next to his record of supporting the suspension (how indefinite is unknown) of our freedoms during times of war, (like the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA), it is something to think about.

Obama:  Warrior In Chief

The truth about the XL pipeline

This is about oil and gas issues but since Koch is so much behind the XL pipeline I have placed it with ALEC.   This is a short and sweet article about XL Pipeline reality.