An Interesting Take on Why ALEC Supports “Stand Your Ground” Gun Laws

The following is an opinion piece.   However, it is worth a read because it introduces such a novel, but compelling, explanation for ALEC’s support of the Florida and Michigan “Stand Your Ground” gun laws.   I have shared some of the most compelling paragraphs below followed by a link to the entire article.

“The Castle Doctrine is just one part of the “shiny object” campaign that the corporate right has waged for decades to prevent this awakening from occurring. Don’t mind that the top 1% controls 40% of the wealth in this country, instead blame the public worker making $40,000 a year. Don’t mind the fact that the wealthy elite in this nation have siphoned trillions of dollars out of our economy and into their pockets through corrupt trade, banking, and tax policies. No, blame the fact that some single mom is getting $200 more in food stamps than she is entitled to. Even better if your mental picture of that single mom conjures up a person of color. The welfare abuse in this nation is but a grain of sand on the beach of corporate welfare and political corruption, yet the right has succeeded in getting us to focus on that one grain with rabid outrage. You have to give the right wing props for pulling that one off. Overlook the fact that corporations have sent all of our jobs overseas in search of slave labor, but hey, feel free to pop off rounds at somebody you don’t recognize before you even figure out what is happening. Now THAT is freedom!

In order to get people to continue to vote against their best interests, the ruling class has to make them believe the average guy next to them is the enemy. In order to “drown our government in the bathtub,” they have to completely destroy any remaining sense that we are our brother’s keeper. It is the only way it is OK to deny people health care when they are sick, or food when they are hungry. It is how they can demonize our teachers, firefighters and police officers while they siphon trillions from our collective bank accounts.

What the Castle Doctrine laws have done is take away the legal requirement of thought and reasonableness. I would strongly argue that the short-cutting of the legal requirements has the effect of also short-cutting the moral and ethical considerations of taking a human life, and groups like ALEC know this. It is one more step in their goal of having us utterly dehumanize each other.”

Read the entire article


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