National Defense Authorization Act: Indefinite Detention

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 contains two provisions in it that would essentially allow American citizens to be detained indefinitely with no right to trial if they are “suspected” of terrorism.

What are the requirements for being suspected of terrorism?   Who knows!  The criteria seems to float depending on what the government wants to use to put you on a list of suspects and they do not seem to appear listed on any of the websites for the various agencies charged with fighting terrorism.

While, I have no problem with that process if the list is just a list used by law enforcement personnel in doing their job, I have a problem with it when that list becomes the basis for saying I am “suspected” of terrorism and then held indefinitely without trial.   I have no way of proving any allegations that put me on the list.

CBS seems to have done the best job of reporting out this bill in their article Senate keeps controversial detainee policy in defense bill


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